Meet our colleague Celena Muller

Who actually works at Vitec Memorix? We would like to introduce you to Celena Muller.

1. HR Advisor, tell us! What exactly does your role entail?

'I started as a receptionist/executive secretary, but I soon wanted more. At one point I started taking care of facility matters and I increasingly supported HR, for example with ISO certification and GDPR. That's how I started in the HR department, to learn more about the profession. I then chose to follow the HR Advisor training course, which I completed in May this year. As an HR Advisor, I deal with everything related to human resources, such as contracts, sick reports, pensions, fleet management and much more regarding human resources. Because I am an HR Advisor, I mainly provide advice to management and our team leads.'

2. What do you actually like most about your job?

'The HR profession is so interesting, ultimately a company cannot run without people. I like to have a lot of variety in my work, but what I enjoy most is the contact with colleagues and external contacts during the day. I enjoy helping people and I have also built up a large network through my work.'


3. What is your background?

'I studied art history in Amsterdam. During my studies I took the course 'medieval manuscripts'. I was so impressed by this that I decided to pursue a master's degree in 'book science and handwriting'. I can still vividly remember that during an internship in the Royal Library of The Hague, I stood with a book from the Middle Ages in my hands. I thought it was so special. Before I came to work at Vitec Memorix, I worked at Albert Heijn for nine years as a checkout team leader and I taught swimming lessons. Unfortunately, since corona I no longer teach swimming lessons, I sometimes miss this, but secretly I also enjoy having Friday evenings off and sleeping in on Saturdays. '

4. What do you like to do most in your spare time?

'In my spare time I like to watch films and series. I watch everything from Bridgerton to The Witcher and I also really like Marvel. I also read a lot of books and like to go out with friends and family.'

5. Tell us about your love for Christmas!

'My birthday is on December 13 and my parents always combined my birthday with Christmas. We always went on a winter sports holiday in Austria at Christmas. I especially like the run-up to Christmas. I always find the Christmas music, the lights and putting up the Christmas tree very enjoyable. I also love Christmas markets. This year I went to a Christmas market in Ghent and Bruges on my birthday. Fortunately, my boyfriend also loves Christmas very much and we build a Christmas village at home every year.'