Review thematiendaagse KIA

Our colleague Peter Lutz attended the kick-off of KIA's E-Depot thematiendaagse of KIA on March 18 and shares his report!

''Last Monday I took part in the kick-off of the thematiendaagse Digital Revolution: 25 years of e-Depot. This event marked the start of a series of meetings, webinars, etc. on everything related to e-depot. All kinds of things were discussed in three enthusiastic lectures: "The e-depot is not a monster that is pumping in a server room. It is about everything that concerns an archive.", there was a lively discussion about the existing standards (including MDTO ) and a history lesson about 25 years of e-depot. It was extremely educational and I spoke to many enthusiastic participants.

Many thanks to the Information and Archives Knowledge Network (KIA) and the National Archives for the excellent organization.''