Vitec Memorix offers an E-depot solution for digital archive documents (digital born and digitized archive). Today, much information is only available digitally and is transferred to an Archive in accordance with legislation and regulations. This digital information must be stored sustainably and remain accessible in the future.

Our fully-fledged E-depot system (based on OAIS) is supplied as standard on our IT infrastructure. E-depot consists of various software elements and we offer it as Software as a Service (SaaS). The core of our E-depot consists of the open-source application Archivematica. Memorix is ​​an expert in the use and development of Archivematica (developed by Artefactual). Our E-depot team contributes to the roadmap and develops modules for the application of Dutch legislation and regulations. The E-depot fits into any existing architecture and links seamlessly with various DMS and Collection Management systems.