Launch of Memorix Nexus at Erfgoed Leiden

A festive moment took place on June 19, 2023 at Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreek with the launch of the Linked Data-based collection management system, Memorix Nexus.

Launch of Nexus Heritage Leiden

After an intensive process of development, training and testing, the employees of Heritage Leiden and Surroundings can now get started with a completely new working method and system.

This transition represents a significant improvement on many fronts: from two systems to one integrated system, improved search capabilities and significantly faster performance. A huge leap towards the future with Linked Open Data. This milestone was of course celebrated with coffee and cake.

Memorix Nexus

Memorix Nexus is the latest generation collection management system, developed from the linked data promise and builds on the success of Memorix Maior. Nexus not only features a modern user interface, but also offers numerous new functions and options for heritage institutions to manage, enrich, share and connect data in a future-proof manner.