Notarissen Netwerk

We recently announced that more than 1 million notarial deeds have now been entered by the volunteers of VeleHanden. By indexing these notarial deeds, a lot of new information comes to light and history is rewritten.

We knew little about the Amsterdam Notaries and that is why the Notarissen Netwerk website ( went online in 2020. This website collects biographical information about the notaries; years in which they worked, locations of their offices, names of clerks and successors, specializations, religions and languages, extra earnings, networks and any other data we could find about these versatile men.

Even though the website has been around for a number of years, the volunteers are still busy every day sharing information about Amsterdam Notaries that they get from the notarial deeds. The website is continuously supplemented with new knowledge from the All Amsterdam Deeds VeleHanden project of the Amsterdam City Archives.

Take a look at the network graph and see how notaries are connected. There are also many portraits of the notaries on the site. Take a quick look!