Nexus WOO

The Open Government Act (Woo) stipulates that information can be requested about everything the government does. An important part of the Woo is the obligation to actively disclose 17 categories of information. This obligation is not yet in force, but will come into effect in phases per information category because organizations need time to prepare and organize the disclosure of the various categories. This means that the Woo solution must take this extension into account.

In 2022, Memorix was commissioned by the Amsterdam City Archives to create, a website that won the Transparency Prize in 2023.

Nexus WOO™ is a further development of the solution for the Amsterdam City Archives, with which active disclosure of WOO information by municipalities can be facilitated by the associated archive institution.

Nexus WOO™ focuses on the long-term storage, management and accessibility of WOO files. Searchability and the use of Linked Data are central here. The solution uses the e-Depot solution, where the files are delivered in TMLO.